Control your home away from home

"Did I switch off my dressing room lights?"

"Oops! I might have forgotten to switch off my iron" 

"Oh God! I don't want to drive back home to check my lights and turn them off" 

What if there was a robot at your home? He could respond you back if the lights were on or even switch them off on your command. If The Jetsons home was a reality, neither would you have to drive back home nor you would have to stress on these trivial matters.

Well, with Ctec wifi smart switches you have your robot! The Jetsons home is within your reach. Once the smart switch is installed, you can view your home status on the dedicated smart phone app and also switch things off or on from any corner of the world. 

Secure your home

If you are a strong believer in Preventive measures, using Ctec wifi enabled smart switches and security cameras must form part of your list to prevent break-ins.

When out for holidays, switch on your lights at home or switch on you home entertainment to give an impression as if there is someone at home. This should help in keeping "eyes off" your property. Put these cameras is easy to spot places so they act as a visible deterrent to burglars. 

Ctec security cameras are also your eyes when away from home. 

Empower Yourself

Empower yourself by achieving the state of your home by a single click. 

Before stepping out of home or just before  going to bed, it feels like a task to make sure that your home is in right state. A state where you could say "All lights are off and I am good to go!"

Ctec smart switches empower you to set any kind of pattern to your electrical devices. You may want to use the timer feature to turn devices on and off automatically. Not only control your home but also your kids by restricting access to home entertainment or any other device at home.

Be it a family get together, romantic dinner or a party at home, ambient lighting can enhance the experience. Ctec smart dimmers can help you set all these by setting scenes and automating all just at a touch.