Frequently asked questions

1. Does Ctec switch comply with Australian standard?

Yes, all our products have been tested and certified according to Australian standard.

2. What is the requirement for wiring?

Neutral wire is required.

3. Does Ctec switch require any extra device?

No, unlike other smart home products, no central hub is required by Ctec. All Ctec products need WiFi router with an internet connection.

4. How do I get Ctec switches installed?

According to Australian law, all the switches need to be installed by licenced electricians.

5. How do I set up Ctec switches for first time?

You will need to press down config key for 3 seconds until WiFi indicator start flashing and connect devices via our free mobile APP. Please follow the steps in our user manual.

6. WiFi indicator keeps on flashing after power cut

Re-connect the switch via mobile APP if WiFi indicator flashes.

7. I have set up timing function before going on a holiday, will it still work if WiFi has dropped off?

All the timing functions will be written into the chip inside the switch, it will still work even there is no WiFi network.

8. Is there limit to operating Ctec products?

No, you can control your Ctec switches at anytime from anywhere in the world as far as your mobile device is on a network (WiFi/3G/4G).

9. Can Ctec switches be used in outdoor?

No, all our products are designed for indoor use only.

10. What colours are available for glass panels?

Currently we have white and black, but in future we will introduce more colours according to the feedback from our customers.

11. Does Ctec switch support 2 way switching?

Yes, 2 way switching is support via 1/2/3 gang. All 2 ways switches are sold in pairs.

12. I don’t need to get every single switch onto WiFi, but still I want to keep each of switches the same. Do you provide non-WiFi models?

Yes, all our products have non-WiFi models.

13. How do I become a distributor of this product?

Please send us a message via contact page, and our people will get in touch with you soon.

14.  I installed a few wifi light switches, however only some of them can connect to wifi, the rest cannot and the wifi indicator keep flashing. How can I resolve this issue?

This could be because your router load limit has reached. You can re-start you router and try it again.

15. I opened the glass panel and tried to show my friends of my newly installed wifi switches. After I put the glass panel, the switched is disconnected from wifi and the wifi indicator start to flash. what's wrong and how to fix it? 

If you open the glass panel while the power is on and then put it back the wifi connection will try to re-configure, this is normal. All you need to do, is pressing the config key for 3 seconds, when the wifi indicator start to flash, then put the glass panel back; then wait for a couple of minutes until you hear the touch button is activated, then use your App to connect to wifi again.